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It’s no secret that lady with curvaceous shapes are in great demand among adult men. Hardly surprisingly, cause only such a woman will be able to offer you the most adult and pleasurable experience. Meeting with Daisy, a plus-size ebony girl, will help you get closer to the exotic pleasure in Thailand in all its manifestations. One of the wildest and hottest representatives of Bangkok Russian Escorts is going to fill your night with love and sensuality. With a charming smile on her face and an incredible enthusiasm, she will realize any of her boyfriend’s sexual fantasies and satisfy her natural needs at once.
Daisy calls herself the capital’s main black ass, and, indeed, this status is fully justified. No skirt or dress could hide the main quality of the big ebony beauty – her fatty sexy aggregate. When she visits a nightclub with her gentleman, all gazes are fixed at one point – the most desired and hot one. However, being a “professianal” escort, Daisy offers her clients a pretty face, nice breasts and well-honed skills. Every minute spent with the black-assed queen promises to be filled with sense and first-class care.
“Oh my gosh, I’m tired of lonely evenings in the big city so much… I can say that you are very lucky, because I have not had a man for a long time, and now I’m ready to use all my potential accumulated in my sexy curvaceous body. Now I feel like a volcano that is ready to explode – that’s how strong my desire is. But what about you? I feel that your passion is breaking loose too – do not torture yourself and give vent to feelings. Together, we will turn this world full of sorrow upside down. Take me before I get cold, and warm yourself at the fire of my wet hips, perfectly smooth legs and soft breasts… “

  • full service
    8 000 thb
  • full service
    12 000 thb
  • full night
    20 000 thb
  • taxi to airport
    1 000 thb
  • extra a+ level
    3 000 thb
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